From childhood,I have had a passion for Art. As an artist without formal training,my first gallery exhibition took place at the Rio Penthouse Gallery in Washington Heights,New York in 2003. At that time,most of my paintings were

watercolor,some oil pastel,and charcoal. Subject matter addressed  nature, water scenes,and portraits.

    I have evolved as an artist, mainly using different mediums: Abstract Art, Computer Evolved Art,and Scratch Art, all inspired by my surroundings.

    My first book cover,featured drawing of the author’s likeness,was published in 2009.

    The diversity in my techniques,have afforded me opportunities to participate in numerous exhibitions.

Exhibitions in New York City: Manhattan Borough President’s Office,the Broome Street Gallery,SoHo, Harlem State Office–Art Gallery,The Rotunda of City Hall in Mount Vernon,NY,Barbados,WI, and the US Virgin Islands.

    Other works are on permanent exhibitions, in both public and private establishments. 

    I am grateful,and humbled with the encouragement and support I have received throughout the years.


Sonia Barnett


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